Expert Teacher

The Guru gyansthali Public School Discipline committee aims to encourage the development and maintenance of positive relationships.

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Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meetings are regularly arranged by school to communicate progress of the child. Parents can also initiate a meeting.

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General Instruction

Guru Gyansthali Public school education reflects the growth of society and the foundation for this is laid in primary years of education.

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Welcome to

Guru Gyansthali Public School

Here at Guru Gyansthali Public School our teachers set high academic standards for our students . our staff works diligently to ensure that each child is working to his or her maximum ability . Our common goal to do what is best for the students.

I believe in upholding high standards with an absolute commitment to strive to understand and improve the educational process using team strategies, while wholly centring on student’s achievement.

Our staffs fruitfully employs two diverse strategies that are love and logic to foster a positive learning environments for all students love and logic may seen likes two contrasting forces. While loves help nurture trusting relationship, where students fell respected, appreciated and loved by the teachers ... Read More

about in Guru Gyansthali Public School

Our Campus



The medium of teaching is in English and we’ve follow the syllabus of CBSE pattern. As Hindi is our mother tongue , so one of the compulsory

Council Members

The committee is made up of the captain of the group whom are elected and nominated students of each class to look after Co – curricular activities


The candidates will be selected for admission after admission test which will be gone through a written examination followed by an interview.

Aims and Objective

The aim of education is the all round development of the child.

Our school aims to foster all round personality development and to surface the dormant creativity of the child in a purely psychological environment.

Role of the school for creating as environment in which better will balanced personality of the child may develop is important.

Our well qualified teacher always work hard to develop all the qualities and abilities of the students required for successfully social adjustment and advancement.

Teachers are always train the students to have respect for elders be kind and sympathetic to other , loyal to family and friends , School and country and to be co-operative in nature . So that there may attain their new height of achievement in their life .